Locations Across Saudi Arabia and the GCC

ALS Arabia has a number of laboratories and offices located across Saudi Arabia and Gulf Council Countries, with three main laboratories in Dammam, Jeddah and Kuwait.


ALS Arabia Dammam is home to the GCC headquarters for ALS Arabia’s Environmental Division. The office includes accounting, human resources, information technology and marketing departments, as well as the strategic business development team and the office of the General Manager for the GCC. 

The Dammam Location operates as a full-service environmental laboratory, a food testing laboratory, a chemical laboratory, and an oil testing laboratory with a dominating presence in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, serving the industrial markets, as well as consultants, state and municipal authorities.

The state-of-the-art, 2500 square meter laboratory is ISO 17025 accredited. Through mutual recognition agreements between accreditation and regulatory bodies, results produced in this high-capacity laboratory are recognized by all major public and private sector customers.

The Dammam laboratory provides testing services on soil, waste, sludge, sediment, wastewater, ground water, surface water, drinking water and industrial samples, meeting all quality assurance levels from standard reporting to US EPA II data deliverables.


ALS Arabia Jeddah is home to the Minerals Division of ALS Arabia.  On the western edge of Saudi Arabia and the Arabian Shield, ALS Arabia Jeddah is in the ideal location to service the growing and fast developing third pillar of the Saudi Arabian economy: Mining.

The Jeddah laboratory houses a wide range of facilities to meet the mining industry’s needs.  Superior sample preparation facilities, high throughput gold fire assay facilities, modern chemical digestion laboratory and highly technical ICP-AES and XRF instrumentation.

The Jeddah laboratory provides analytical procedures appropriate for all “elements of interest”, tailored to meet the needs of exploration geologists, miners, mineral process engineers and metallurgists who might be engaged in exploration and mine grade control.  ALS Arabia’s standard range of analytical methods covers all commodities from precious and base metals to industrial minerals. 

ALS Arabia Jeddah also contains a dedicated environmental laboratory which complements Dammam’s lab, providing microbiological and logistical services to their clients.


ALS Arabia Kuwait is a relatively small but highly technical environmental laboratory delivering an impressive range of express services for the Kuwait market. The laboratory is accredited according to ISO 17025. The exceptional services provided by ALS Arabia Kuwait are complemented by a strong commitment to ALS core values of quality, integrity and client service. Value-added serviced include web-based 24/7 data access, custom sample bottles kits, reliable and fast turn-around-time and sample courier service.

Gulf Council Countries (Bahrain and Qatar)

The ALS Arabia offices located in Bahrain and Qatar are acting as a receiving point for Saudi Arabia operations, but also contribute to analytical services in the region.

Inter-office support and courier arrangements facilitate timely access to the full range of services and on-time delivery of results.