Company profile

ALS Arabia is a diversified testing services organization, founded in 2009, with its headquarters located in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. Their rapid growth and development has resulted in 3 world class laboratories;  a premium environmental, food, chemical and oil testing laboratory in Dammam,  KSA; an exceptional  minerals laboratory in Jeddah, KSA; and a highly focused and technical environmental laboratory in Kuwait.
ALS Arabia attributes  their success to the joint venture partnership between ALS Group and the National Laboratory Company Ltd. (Ma’amel).
Ma’amel has provided ALS Arabia a foundation of local expertise on which to grow in KSA and GCC. Ma’amel’s objective is to invest in the areas of sophisticated laboratory analytical services as well as other scientific based logistic and support services.
ALS Group is one of the largest and most diverse commercial analytical laboratory groups in the world. With 12,200 employees operating in more than 370 locations, in  60 countries, and on six continents. They are the world leader in testing and technical services in the geochemistry, metallurgy, coal, environmental, oil and fuel, food/pharmaceutical, inspection and industrial markets.
The synergy created between Ma’amel  and ALS Group has positioned  ALS Arabia in an enviable position for delivering a quality service which includes accurate & timely data, expert support, and a culture of safety and innovation. ALS Arabia has established a leadership position throughout Saudi Arabia and GCC countries.


ALS Arabia Mission

Provide a diversified range of high quality services to our clients, through first- class customer service and superior quality testing. Our services will be synonymous with reliability, consistency, technical superiority and efficiency.

ALS Arabia Vision

To provide a world class analytical service with exceptional quality and reliability.