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Microbiology Bulletin

Aug 23, 2019
Our expert Andy Muirhead is publishing monthly some of the latest advancement and news in the field of microbiology.... Read more »


Aug 18, 2019

Food allergens can be defined as usually harmless food components or constituents which induce an allergic reaction in a sensitised individual.

Food allergies affect about 1-2% of adults and 5-8% of children. Symptoms with varying degrees of severity include itchy or swollen lips, mouth, tongue and throat; skin reactions; wheezing or shortness of breath; diarrhoea, feeling sick, vomiting and bloating; coughing; a runny nose and sore, red and... Read more »


Jul 25, 2019
      What are Microplastics? We’re all increasingly aware of the environmental harm that plastics are capable of, especially in our rivers, seas and oceans – where larger plastic items can cause visible physical harm to wildlife. What about the plastic waste we can’t see?... Read more »

Saudi Horeca 2018

Nov 27, 2018
  HORECA is the biggest annual hospitality exhibition which has been running for 25 years in Lebanon, 5 years in Jordan and 7 years in Kuwait and for the... Read more »